I saw Blueberry at the AmericInn breakfast buffet, and that was a little sad because I knew it was probably the last time I’d see him. I told him rain was coming, and to get out there and set up camp in time. I’m such the mom! But he is young enough to be my son.

That little sadness aside, I headed out to drop my car at Hwy. 45, my end spot. Harriet picked me up. It’s her birthday today, and she and her lady friends celebrate for three days. That’s my style! As she shuttled me back to my start at Caribou Road, she told me how she and her friends celebrated last night along the Gunflint Trail. Tonight is another fete.

My weather app, which I’m beginning to hate, said no rain until about 4 p.m. Well, after about 90 minutes of hiking it began to rain heavily. Luckily the trees protected me from much of it, but I still got pretty soaked. However, I was able to enjoy some views.

The trail wound up the west side of the Cascade River. I tried to take a spur trail to view the cascade falls, but it was too narrow, rooty and treacherous. I’d already slipped in the mud twice and didn’t want to take anymore chances, so I turned around. Rats. Oh well, that’s nature.

I ended the hike around 4 p.m., then drove to Grand Marais. I had reservations at the Best Western, and first picked up some groceries. I was so cold and wet, I knew that once I showered I wouldn’t want to go out to a restaurant for dinner.

Imagine my surprise to find this Best Western a pretty swanky place. It has a bar and small restaurant, plus the rooms are awesome. I was actually looking forward to camping again, but now I’m not sure! I could stay here for a while.

I tucked in tonight and caught up on a lot of emails and other things. Looking forward to tomorrow, even though more rain is in the forecast.


MN NCT miles today: =13.3
MN NCT miles to date: 253
Total SHT miles to date: 253
Total NCT miles to date: 539.4
Total NCT miles to go: 4,060.6

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