We got some rain overnight, but nothing too bad. Phil Brinkman, a friend and fellow book club member, was my crew member today. He so kindly offered to bring me a treat, so I requested a scone. He brought a delicious raspberry one that I’m still dreaming about.

The day started off with a bang: I took a wrong turn on the connecting route. I was a mile or so off before I realized what I’d done. That is so annoying! Luckily, things got better. I had a nice walk through New Hope/Iola Ski Hill; most of the trail was lovely, although there were two spots where enormous downed trees with lots of branches were difficult to get around and impossible to walk over.

A long connecting route was next. Not too fun, but the route was pretty, and I did see lots of glacial boulders in farm fields.

Skunk and Foster Lakes were pretty walks after getting through some early bramble — and one big snafu. This segment pops you out on the road for a short road walk before picking the trail back up. When this situation occurs, the short jog on roads is marked. Not this time. I popped out of the woods with no indication of which way to go. I had a map, but discovered the map was cut off right in the middle of this segment. Phil was supposed to be on this road waiting for me — he had my other maps — but was at a parking lot we thought would be here, but was elsewhere. Neither of our cell phones had service.

I tried asking two locals which way to go, but neither one knew. Luckily Phil was on the ball and, after studying the maps some more, realized I would be emerging at this road, not the parking lot. So after freaking out a bit, I was relieved when Phil suddenly magically appeared on the road.

My last hike for the day was through the bulk of the Waupaca River segment. This is another lovely segment: great footing, great views, well maintained. Phil says he plans to return and go trout fishing there.

Have to mention Dreams of Yesteryear and A Victorian Swan on Water. I stayed at both Stevens Point B&Bs the last two nights. They’re a block apart, and both are lovely properties with the nicest innkeepers, not to mention great food. I highly recommend them when hiking the IAT.

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