Raspberry scone in paper bag held in man's hand on Ice Age Trail near Waupaca River.
Today’s goal was to make it through the Waupaca River segment. We’d gotten some rain overnight, but nothing too bad.

Phil Brinkman, a friend and fellow book club member, was my crew member today. He so kindly offered to bring me a treat, so I requested a scone. He brought a delicious raspberry one that I’m still dreaming about.

The day started off with a bang: I took a wrong turn on the connecting road route. Rats! I was a mile or so off (2 km) before I realized what I’d done. That is so annoying! Luckily, things got better after that.

I had a nice walk through the New Hope/Iola Ski Hill segment. Most of the trail here was lovely, although there were two spots where enormous downed trees with lots of branches were difficult to get around and impossible to walk over.

Heading for Waupaca River

A long connecting route was next. Not too fun, but the route was pretty, and I did see lots of glacial boulders (erratics) in farm fields.

Skunk and Foster Lakes were pretty walks after getting through some early bramble – and one big snafu. This segment pops you out on the road for a short road walk before heading back into the woods. When this type of situation occurs, the short jog on roads is marked. Not this time.

So, I popped out of the woods onto a paved road with no indication of which way to go. I had a map with me, but discovered the map was cut off right in the middle of this segment. Phil was supposed to be on this road waiting for me – he had my other maps – but he wasn’t.

There were some homes along this road, so I asked two locals who were outside which way to go, but neither one knew anything about the Ice Age Trail.

Where Is Phil?

Just when I’d hailed a car and started to ask for help, Phil appeared. Turn out he was at a parking lot in a different spot – a place where he thought I’d emerge. When I wasn’t coming, he studied the maps more and realized I’d be emerging on the road, not at the parking lot.

Oh, by the way, neither of our phones had cell service, which is why we couldn’t just call each other and figure it out.

My last hike for the day was through the bulk of the Waupaca River segment. This is another lovely segment: great footing, great views, well maintained. Phil says he plans to return and go trout fishing there.

Have to mention Dreams of Yesteryear and A Victorian Swan on Water. I stayed at both of these Stevens Point B&Bs the last two nights. They’re a block apart, and both are lovely properties with the nicest innkeepers, not to mention great food. I highly recommend them when hiking the IAT.

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