Today was supposed to be a bit cooler – highs in the low 80s. Yay! I started midway through the Janesville segment and took a photo of myself at what I think is the southernmost part of the IAT. (It would be fun if the easternmost, northernmost and southernmost part of the trail were marked.) Then I began the climb back north!

Interestingly, I got stymied on the Devil’s Staircase. Coming from the west in 2013, it was a piece of cake. And Ed, my husband, came from the west today to meet me on the trail. But when we met up and started hiking back west, we came to a confusing intersection. There really didn’t seem to be any trail, but three sort-of trails. We decided one looked the most definitive, but had to use our hands and sort of crawl up it. Shortly after that we encountered another confusing intersection, but Ed spotted a cairn and we followed that – but it led us up onto the golf course. We edged along the golf course, trying to get back onto the trail, but it was too steep and dangerous. So we’re not quite sure what happened there.

After a lovely trek through Arbor Hills, I faced an 18-mile connecting route. It actually wasn’t too bad at all. There was a nice wind, some clouds to keep the temps down and Ed brought me an ice cream sandwich to keep the ice cream theme going.

I kind of died hitting the rail-trail section. But I soldiered on for about six miles before calling it quits and retiring to a lovely B&B in Albany: Albany House.

Tomorrow Ed leaves me bright and early in the morning and my parents take over for a few days. But most important: tomorrow is my birthday! And for those who don’t know me, I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!

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