Hiker near Ice Age Trail sign for Sturgeon Bay segment.
Almost two years to the day when I started my first thru-hike from St. Croix Falls, I find myself in Sturgeon Bay at the eastern terminus, where I ended, ready to start another thru-hike. I’m excited, yet worried. My previous hike was the experience of a lifetime, yet it was hard. I’m suddenly remembering all of the aches and pains at night. The blisters and sore muscles. The overwhelming fatigue. But I’m here now, and there’s nothing to do but start walking.

Two years ago, my first day was spent in 90-degree heat and high humidity. The humidity was up today, but it was cool and drizzly. Nice! My hubby, Ed, was crewing me, and everything went pretty smoothly.

Good-Bye, Sturgeon Bay!

I forgot how long the rail-trail segment was once you got out of Sturgeon Bay, but it was so enjoyable. I saw great blue heron, a huge woodpecker, cardinals, a doe and her babies and more. A family was out near Forestville playing with “poppy seeds.” They’re tiny orange flowers that have a tiny green-bean-like pod in their center. If you squeeze the ends of a pod, it bursts open and edible seeds pop out. They taste like edamame. You learn something new every day!

The connecting route to Kewaunee got quite foggy several times, but I was just glad to avoid the heat. Which is coming. Sigh. The forecast in this part of the state calls for temps hitting 90 F. (32 C.) for much of the next week.

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