Arizona TrailMonday, April 1, 2019

Ed dropped me off at the Pine trailhead around 7:45 with a day pack. Another short stint of slackpacking!

He took care of a few errands in town, then drove to the Webber Creek trailhead 8.7 miles ahead and hiked back in to meet me.

We got back to the trailhead and our food-laden car around noon. Ed had a hamburger from last night and I had a great turkey sandwich I’d made that morning. Plus chips and soda! Food tastes extra good when you’re hiking. 


From here we grabbed our full packs and continued northbound. Destination: the Washington Park trailhead, some 10 miles ahead. 

The trail today was fantastic. Yes, there were some rocks, but it mostly was a normal trail of dirt or gravel.

The path today took us up the Mogollon Rim, which was formed when two Earth plates collided and one slid under the other. It looks multicolored from a distance. It’s about 7,000 feet, so we will probably see snow soon.


The trail here goes through a lot of pine forest, which I love. There are plenty of flowing creeks, so no worries about water.

You can’t camp right at this particular trailhead, but we found a nice spot just shy of it. 

Oh — I saw in a trail register that Golden headed out just before me, with his sometimes-hiking-companion Savage Woman. Long-Hauler hadn’t signed in yet, so he’s either taking a rest day in Pine or enjoying his motel jacuzzi. I didn’t see CowStep’s name. Hope he’s OK.


18.2 miles today
442.8 miles to date
357.2 miles to go


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