Arizona TrailFriday, March 29, 2019

I hated almost every second of today’s hike. That’s because it was 99.9 percent on rocks. Who in the world thinks walking on rocks several days in a row is enjoyable?! 

It kills your feet, obviously, and can be treacherous. And you can’t even enjoy the scenery because you’re always looking down to see where to place your feet. 

Bright Spots

One bright spot was that I suddenly had cell service, so I got to chat with Ed. Yay! I also could download email to read in my tent.

But I lost the trail while talking to Ed (turned out the app map was off), so that was stressful on top of the rocks, and caused a few tears.

There’s Always Tomorrow 

I’ve transitioned from the Mazatzal Divide (Passage 23) to the Red Hills (Passage 24) today. Tomorrow I will segue into Passage 24, Whiterock Mesa, which doesn’t seem like a Mesa at all from the elevation chart. Rats. 

But Ed is coming, and that’s all that matters. 


18.3 miles today
394.9 miles to date
405.1 miles to go 

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