Wednesday, March 27, 2019

My feet felt pretty trashed last night. I was also feeling lucky after meeting so many hikers who had serious ailments that were driving them off the trail. So I decided today would be an easy day. 

We stayed at the motel until noon. I was mainly working on my laptop and going through work emails.

Time to Go

At noon we left for the Hwy. 87 trailhead. Tim dropped me off and I had to go back over the guardrail and crawl under the barbed wire fence. He was going to a trailhead about 5 miles ahead and would be hiking back toward me.

This passage goes through the Mazatzal Wilderness and is supposed to be hilly and tough. What’s new?! It started off OK — not that hilly or hard. But I wasn’t finding Tim. Oh no! I was mainly worried because the Tahoe he was driving was low on gas. 


I finally found Tim, about an hour later than expected. He’d taken a wrong turn that cost a lot of time, so when he got back on the trail he had been going back and forth on this short stretch from the trailhead, not knowing where I was. 

The plan was to hike another 6 miles, for about 11 today. A rest day of sorts. But the trail got hard from here, mainly because it was so rocky. Tim’s Achilles pain flared up, so we stopped around mile 8 when we found a nice camping spot.


We enjoyed a nice dinner and fiery sunset. Tim surprised me with a Coke Zero at camp, plus we enjoyed some beers. He leaves tomorrow, which is sad. But Ed is coming Saturday!

Tim said he could not do this terrain for six weeks. He said he’s proud of me. Aww!

Oh, we ran into Bear Box today. He is bailing for several days because of leg pains. I feel badly for him. Cake is marching on solo. Such is this trail!


8.2 miles today
358 miles to date
442 miles to go

P.S. Photos aren’t uploading. Rats. Will post later.

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