Arizona TrailFriday, March 22, 2019

I slept great at Al and Maryjo’s. Maryjo made us waffles, blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Yum! They are just too kind. Al shuttled Rambler and Gardener to the trailhead early; Cow Step and I went at 7:30.

The first mile or so were super rocky and uphill. I hated it. Worse, I just felt dead today. My legs did, anyway.

The path followed a creek for several miles. Thank goodness for the late snow! Cow Step hiked with me for about an hour, which helped take my mind off the terrain. 

The Big Climb

I saw in the app that we’d be climbing 3,000 feet today. I hoped it would be a long climb vía switchbacks. Nope. The climb was a continuous slog with few switchbacks. It was tortuous. I turned on music, which helped.

I finally reached the top and was treated to a sweeping view of the mountains and Superior in the distance. The next few miles were a pretty easy downhill to the Rogers Trough Trailhead.

Finding Home for the NightArizona Trail

There was a creek here, too, so more water! I’d planned to camp around the trailhead, but nothing looked good. The app said there were many good sites about four miles ahead, but I didn’t want to walk that far.

I ran into Cow Step, who was resting. He hiked with me and helped me find a little spot snuggled against the trail and adjacent to a rushing creek. You’re not supposed to camp next to the trail, but the last few miles were all rocks and bramble. I had no choice.

It’s wonderful to be right next to water! I could wash up easily and I don’t have to stress about water to drink!

It’s cold already at 7 p.m. Think it’ll be a frosty night! 


P.S. Cow Step is the hiker in the back row, far left.

P.P.S. I fixed my photo issues! Check out yesterday’s pix, and pix from the previous day, and the beehive tank photo and the big cookie picture!

19.5 miles today
283.0 miles to date
516.10 miles to go

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